We are a non political and non profit global peace initiative, with headquarters located in the United States of America, Boston City of Massachusetts, operating chapters in Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We believe that Peace is not necessarily absence of war or political instability, but rather the existence of a world of well fed people, living without threats of diseases and abject poverty.

World Council on Peace and Hope has reached out to various vulnerable communities of the world, and in Uganda, where girl children and women have been liberated from diseases arising from feminine unhygienic conditions by providing cheap and largely affordable technology of making sanitary pads.

our outreaches have also created a population with skills to make a living through crafts making, tie and dye, making soap, tailoring, nutrition education and providing seeds to the rural folk.

WOCOPEHINC has an ambitious program to provide skills, support Agriculture and Health as a way of reducing strife and maintaining peaceful communities.



A Global village free of hunger strife, disease and abject poverty


To reach out to the communities of the world to improve quality of life by initiating and supporting efforts that provide education and skills training; water, sanitation and hygiene; and Agricultural production and Agribusiness, as a way to alleviate abject poverty, hunger, disease and civil strife.

our 5 years strategic goals include but not limited to the following:
  • To establish Peace and Hope model communities which shall be the Centres of excellency in various localities in the countries of WOCOPEHINC presence.
  • To establish education and skills development Centres in the Peace and Hope Communities
  • To establish and support Agriculture, diet and nutrition through seed production, agricultural production expansion, irrigation, value addition and food storage, including micro finance.
  • To initiate and support policy frameworks to improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable communities of the world, especially those focusing on the girl child education.
  • To engage he state, non-state actors, and the international community on the matters of the vulnerable communities, especially the elderly citizens, children and persons with disabilities.
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