Somalia Chapter.

World Council on Peace and Hope forms Somalia Chapter and Nominates Mr. E. Adam Hasan coordinator for Somalia, Horn Afrika. Somalia`s country coordinator founds the Chapter of Somalia of World Council on Peace and Hope as per 1st September 2018. The coordiantor has already established a strong relationship with AU HQ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Somalia`s chapter is made up of capable professionals who bring strong leadership and wide-ranging expertise.

They are dedicated to WCPHInc’s principles and goals and committed to strengthening and facilitating the growth and the realization of the vision and objectives of WCPHInc.

Somalia`s Chapter will focus on developing women and youth interms of professional trainings, and  entrepreneurship support. The chapter will adopt a new programme called `Girls must go to Schools`…in an attempt to give gilrs more and better chances to education where they are mostly under represented.

Mr. E. Adam Hasan Coordinator for Somalia

To strengthen peace, the chapter will seek the involvement of students to compete at nation wide literature for peace.

The chapter will target communities who are deprived and in dire need for developement e.g. Agricultural and health developements inside Somalia.

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